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June 19th, 2015
Imagine starring in a music video only to find out at the end of the final scene that the whole production was an elaborate ruse cooked up by your boyfriend to deliver the most unforgettable marriage proposal. Well, that’s the story of childhood sweethearts Sam and Jess, and Sam’s musically talented cousin, Matty Mac.


Welcome to Music Friday when we regularly bring your great songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Today, we bend the rules a bit to spotlight “The Proposal,” a brand new song written and performed by the 24-year-old Mac.


Although the song does have a reference to a "golden road," what makes the song really unique is that it was written especially for Sam and Jess's marriage proposal. The two attended dances together as far back as middle school and have known each other since they were 10 years old.


According to Fox29, Sam was looking to surprise Jess with an over-the-top proposal, so he asked his cousin if he could pop the question in one of his music videos. Mac liked the idea, but didn’t have any material that matched the “proposal” theme.

“I knew… I would need a song that was going to live up to the feeling and emotions that would capture that moment," Mac said.

The Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter got to work on a new song that would visit the different stages of a serious relationship from beginning to end, with the last verse leading to the proposal. Within 30 minutes, Mac had written the music and the lyrics to “The Proposal.”

Sam loved the song, so the next step was creating a fake music video. Sam convinced Jess that cousin Matty needed them to star in his latest production. She agreed.


The video begins in Philadelphia’s Love Park, where the editor mixes romantic shots of the couple with performance shots of the singer. The next scene shows the couple enjoying a romantic dinner at Gervasi’s Restaurant, where Mac is entertaining the patrons. The extras in the scene are friends and relatives of the couple.

As the singer reaches the last verse — “Tell me you'll love me till our final days / ‘Cause I've been hoping' that you'd marry me someday” — the actual proposal is set in motion.

Jess holds her hand to her face in shock as Sam goes down to one knee and proposes to the love of his life.


“We’ve been through so much over the years,” he said. “It’s gotten us to this perfect moment. You’re the sweetest, sexiest, smartest person I know. You motivate me to be the best person I can be every day. I want to spend every day with you for the rest of my life. Would you marry me?”

“Of course, I would,” she said.


After the couple embraced, they were swamped by well wishing family and friends. There were a lot of smiles and even more happy tears.

Mac posted the resulting video on YouTube on May 22, 2015. Over the past four weeks the video was seen more than 680,000 times and has been featured on Inside Edition.

“The Proposal” is the title track of Mac’s newest album, which is available on iTunes.

Please check out the viral video at the end of this post. The lyrics are below if you’d like to sing along.

"The Proposal"
Written and performed by Matty Mac.

Tell me you want me, tell me to stay
Tell me that you wouldn't have it any other way.
Tell me I’m all yours, tell me today
Tell me now before I turn and walk away.

‘Cause I've been thinking', over-thinkin'
Every little thing you say and do.
I've been thinking', over-thinkin'
When you looked at me and said you felt it too.

Tell me you love me, tell me to stay
Grab me around my waist, don't let me walk away.
Tell me I'm all yours, tell me today.
Tell me I warm your soul when clouds are cloudy grey.

And I pray you feel the same.
‘Cause I've been thinking' about giving you my last name.
This world is full of crazy things
And the most insane must be waking up without you next to me.
I don't want to wake without you next to me.

Tell me you love me and that will never change
Tell me that I'm the one you'll call your "ball and chain."
Tell me I'm all yours and you're here to stay
Tell me you'll die if we don't kiss every day.

I'll be the mister, if you will my misses.
And I'll be the wizard to grant you all of your wishes.

Follow me alone, we'll tiptoe down a golden road
And when we finally find our home
I'll put my queen atop her throne.

And tell you I love you everyday
I'll come home with chocolates and a red bouquet.
We'll get through the hard times, we'll never fray
We'll stay in color while the world's in black and grey.

So tell me you want me, tell me to stay
Grab me around my waist and don't let me walk away.
Tell me you'll love me till our final days
‘Cause I've been hoping' that you'd marry me someday.

Images: Screen captures via YouTube.